Eat Poop Jump

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  • 企鹅走路总是滑倒,于是。。。宇宙电机实验室推出了这款企鹅闯关游戏。玩家控制企鹅到达最终的目的地。一路上,企鹅可以吃,可以拉,可以跳。吃了萝卜会变胖,跳不高,但是在冰上走得稳,拉了便便会变瘦,跳得高,但是在冰上就会滑倒。这个边吃边拉的平衡游戏,你能走多远呢?
    The inspiration came from the fact that penguins fall over a lot….so let’s have some fun!!
    Space Tech Lab created this penguin running game, player controls a penguin to run as far as possible. Penguin can eat, poop, and jump. If penguin eats carrots, it will get fat, and the jumping height will be lower, but it will walk more steadily on the ice. If penguin poops, it will lose weight, and the jumping height will be higher, but it may fall over on the ice. How far can you reach in this balance game?
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