Fantastic Hammer

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  • 奇妙敲敲乐把室内环境改造成一个智能空间,内置了两款游戏:暴暴拼图游戏,让孩子们通过敲击投影墙拼拼图,学会辨别颜色和图形,锻炼观察事物、分析事物的能力。保护地球游戏,通过打击落入地球的污染泡泡,给小朋友传达环保的概念。两个游戏让教学变得运动化,竞技化,和趣味化。让孩子们以一种不伤眼睛,结合锻炼,培养团队协作意识,寓教于乐。
    客户: OUTPUT
    地点: 上海·兴业太古汇

    Fantastic Hammer is an interactive playground for children. It contains two games: a puzzle game that helps children to improve the ability to analyze and comprehend colors and patterns. A pollution game to arise chilren's environmental awareness through hitting different pollutants on the wall. These two games relieve kids from tablets, encourage kids to move their body, work with friends and experience cool science.
    Client: OUTPUT
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