Memory Mixer

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  • 回忆就像一杯愈久愈醇的酒。那些人,那些事在心里存了太久,婉转相思反复发酵,酿成一杯醉生梦死。宇宙电机实验室为硅谷的Trove公司定制了这台记忆鸡尾酒机,约你今晚来交换心事。你的回忆将被调制成这世间仅此一杯的美酒,将那不能言的都一口饮下吧。
    客户: Trove
    Memory is a bottle of wine. We kept some people, some moments in our heart, so deep, that they softly became a part of us. Space Tech Lab designed this Memory Mixer cocktail dispenser for Trove, San Francisco. We invite you tonight to exchange your deepest memory to a unique cup of cocktail. Let’s get drunk in our memory. 
    Client: Trove
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