Emotion Chat

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  • 聊天软件占据了我们的生活,越来越多的人都慢慢的变成了屏幕后面的一个符号,人和人之间的联系越来越微弱,误解时常发生。有时候看着屏幕另一端发来的文字,却不知道如何解读,同一句话用不同的语气,不同的表情讲出来,都有着不同的含义。没有了语音语调,肢体动作和面部表情,我们对对方的情绪也了解的越来越少。现在解决问题的神器来了—— Emotion Chat 是一个在线聊天软件,它通过摄像头实时捕捉发信息者的面部表情,并转化为情绪数据,当信息发送时,文字和情绪会一起被传递出去,用天气的形式抽象的表现出来。你若眉开眼笑,我收到的就是艳阳高照,你若眉头紧锁,我这里也阴雨绵绵。你的每一个情绪我都能实时接收,远在天边也仿佛近在眼前。
    People do online catting all the time. We communicate so much with each other through messages everyday, but there’s still so much that has not been communicated. When we talk with each other face to face, we are also giving out our body language, our facial expression and our voice. And those things help us understand each other and make connections. However, we cannot do video chat like FaceTime all the time, especially at work. So when it comes to online chatting, all those things are missing. Misunderstanding happens all the time, same text can mean different things with different tones. To solve this problem, here comes Emotion Chat, a web app that use camera to read your facial expression, the program analysis your emotion and when you send your message, you will also send the Emotion Data together.
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