Monster Run

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  • Monster Run 是一个MR混合现实游戏。游戏分为两部分,Google Tangle 平板电脑以及一个遥控小车。玩家通过Tangle的深度摄像头,先在自己家中进行建模,并在地图上设置宝藏陷阱,玩家可以在游戏平台上分享自己的地图,以及修改朋友的地图宝藏。小车车头装有摄像头,将视野内的内容实时传送到Tangle上。玩家通过Tangle 进行游戏,在地图上定位小车,遥控小车寻找宝藏,躲避陷阱。Monster Run 让你以玩具车的视角探索你的家,一切都将大不相同。堆积的臭袜子也能变成生化战场,对于你的玩具车来说,你的家就是他们的巨型游乐场,你以为是房子变大了?其实是你变小了!!
    Monster run is a Mixed Reality game that combines actual remote control car game with virtual video game. It was the winner of the first phase of Google Project Tango contest. There will be two parts of this game: The first part is Tango Tablet, players build the 3D model of their house and upload the map to our game cloud through Tangle Tablet. People can share their map with friends. You can set up the surreal treasure & traps in your own house or in your friends’ maps through your Tango. The second part is a physical remote-control toy car. There will be a camera placed on the head of the car, which can transmit real-time pictures to the Tango Tablet and locate the car in the map. Once you start the game, you can only see through the car’s view from your tablet. To win this game, you need to move around in real world space, control your car and find the treasure through the screen.
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